Our story


The foundation based on quality with fair pricing and no discounts

We provide modern gentlemen with the essentials needed in their day-to-day lives.

We help build the foundation on which you or your significant other builds a personal style. Our products highlight elegance and are committed to tradition and quality – all designed in a timeless style.

We don’t run sales, flash sales, holiday sales, and what ever other reason for a sale you can think of. Instead, provide you with fixed, fair, and transparent pricing all the time so you will always get same value for money without having to worry about timing.

Instead of running sales, we choose to reward our loyal customers, by offering attractive prices and benefits for our community of Ladies and Gentlemen. No longer is the best value is not reserved for unfamiliar faces. Instead, it is available to all who decide to join us. This is the GNTLMN approach!

But before we dive too deep into the what, let us start with the who.

Tobias Risom, founder of GNTLMN Essentials, in a tuxedo.

First things first, an introduction

My name is Tobias and I founded GNTLMN Essentials. I come from a background in banking, and I am a long time fan of traditional mens fashion and the art of dressing for the occasion. Dressing sharp is a fine art not easy to master, but an integral part of a professional career.

After several years in the banking industry, my urge for building my own thing had grown too big. Hence, it was time to take the leap and once again create.

The beginning

Before I founded GNTLMN Essentials, I had long been searching for a brand that offered a simple yet stylish range of essential products. The products I myself use on a daily basis across multiple categories from personal care to accessories – in other words, the foundation of my style. As you can imagine, I was not particularly successful.

But the search opened my eyes to something else. Everywhere i looked I was bombarded with products. Products were seemingly thrown at me in an attempt to hit something I would like. While the intentions are good, the result is counterproductive and it defeats the purpose. In contrast to women, men are simply ill equipped to cope with this flood of options. Or they frankly just don’t have the patience for it. I certainly do not, that is for sure.

Therefore, I decided to create GNTLMN Essentials. I wanted to address the situation I found myself in, as I believe many men are in the same predicament I was. There is simply no time or patience for browsing the endless lists of options and choices, especially not with busy schedules and full calendars.

What we offer to you

We want to be your companion through all essential aspects of your personal style. We will not bombard you with products. Instead, we have a narrow and carefully selected range of products to choose from that will keep you looking sharp.

The long traditions of the gentleman that have passed the test of time are the foundation we build on. We have brought these into the design of our products that fit the needs of men in the modern ages. The virtues of the stylish gentleman should never be forgotten. It has been and always will be the anchor in a man’s style.

Our products offer class like a British gentleman and fulfill the needs of a modern man. We provide you with an opinion on each of our products that helps you make the right choice. In addition, the articles in our library help you stay on top of your game – no matter the occasion.

I welcome you to our community!


T. Risom, Founder

Our approach


Building your style from the ground up

Our personal care range helps you keep your face and skin healthy and fresh. Through a simple step-by-step system, looking your best has never been easier.

After taking caring for your skin, our quality underwear range helps you build your base. It is the essentials, simplistic, and everything you need to build on top of. Make sure to check out our recommendations on underwear.

Building on top of your base we recommend that you see a tailor. Fit is the single most important factor in all aspects of style, and unfortunately we do not offer this service (yet). There are many services out there, but you need to find the one that fits your needs.

Finally, we complete your style with a range of accessories that will ensure a complete look and top off your style with an elegant touch.

We carefully select all our products to create a classy and stylish look. Each have a small guide attached in the description that guides you so you will find what is exactly right for you. We also have more thorough style guides in our library that helps you steer clear of the most common fashion mistakes.


Comfort, quality, elegance & simplicity

Comfort is essential to all the material and design choices that we make – without compromise! If you are not comfortable in your attire it will have a negative effect on your charisma and disturb your focus.

Quality is the backbone on which all our products are developed. Quality and price is often linked, but only to a certain extent. We strive to deliver the best quality products for you at fair prices.

Elegance is key to a timeless style and it starts with the basics. We design our products elegantly and subtly to accentuate your personal style.

Simplicity is a value often overlooked. We embrace quality over quantity and carefully selected a range of essentials so your choice is simple.