Getting the base right

Man sitting and relaxing in his singlet undershirt

A gentleman’s guide to underwear

Building the base is a gentleman’s guide to underwear in three parts. The series covers the do’s and don’ts when it comes to men’s underwear. We start from the bottom with socks in part 1, heading to underwear in part 2, and finally we finish up with undershirts in part 3.

Check out each part by following the links below:

After reading this, you will no longer risk making any of the common mistakes men make when selecting underwear. Mistakes that some are not even aware of. Unfortunately, the mistakes make them stand out in unfortunate ways to the people around them, dwindling their style and look.

Already know what you want?

Then jump straight to our shop and start building your base following our principles.

Our sock selection will equip you with socks for both the work week and weekend. Classic black dress socks are a truly essential for a professional getting you through the course of the week. Reaching the weekend, we spice up things a bit with some colour in our Casual socks.

In underpants section you will find a pair of modern boxer briefs as well as a pair of retro trunks. Both styles come in both black and white, but true gents opt for white of course.

You of course also need a steady inventory of undershirts to stay sharp throughout the week. We have an option both with and without sleeves to choose from depending on you situation. However, with sleeves will always be our favourite!

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