Building the base, part 1 of 3 – Men’s socks

Man showing off dress socks while tying shoelace

The unwritten rules of mens socks

First of, let us be clear that we focus on formal socks and variations thereof. Formal socks are socks suitable for wearing in dress shoes. They have adequate thickness to provide comfort but are not too warm, and they have an adequate length to prevent your legs from showing.

Formal socks can easily be used for casual occasions, but are designed to be worn with a suit.

#1 – Formal socks demand you to keep it classy

Your first choice should always be black and plain socks, be it for formal, business, or casual occasions. Make sure you keep an adequate amount of black socks in your wardrobe to last you through wash cycles. There are of course exceptions to the rule of “black”. The most common is the case of grey trousers with non-black shoes.

When wearing a nice set of grey trousers and you have spiced up your footwear with some colour, you can match it with a pair of grey socks fitting to your trousers. This works well as it creates a smooth transition to your shoes. This exception applies regardless of whether you are sporting a nice set of chinos on the weekend or wearing a stylish grey suit to work or for a dinner.

There are of course situations where you want to mix it up with some coloured socks – without getting carried away.

Formal socks spiced up with a colourful checkered pattern
These guys over did it, but for some it works

#2 – Adding colour to your socks

When going casual, you can lighten up your look by throwing in a bit of colour. Our advice is to keep it clean and stylish by avoiding crazy multi-colour combos and patterns. Sticking with darker variations of blue, purple, and green will give your style a nice personal touch while staying classy.

Adding some classic patterns will give your style a bit of edge, but if you decide to down this road, we highly recommend that you keep it subtle. Dots or classic stripes can be cool, but aim to avoid the pattern colour drifting too far away from the colour of the sock base.

#3 – Make sure you refresh your stock

Finally, if your socks start showing signs of wear and tear or outright have holes in them – then throw them out! There is nothing more dwindling to your style than worn out socks. Pay attention to areas around the edges of your shoes as wear the fastest and are the most visible.

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