Ladies & Gentlemen

DKK 99,00 / year

founder closeup portrait

My promise to you is, that our members will always receive the best service and buy at the most favorable prices!
We care for our loyal customers and return the support you give to us!

Tobias Risom / Founder

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No longer are the best prices reserved for new customers!

We believe that our prices should be fair and transparent for all. We don’t give the best prices to new customers but instead reward our loyal and supportive members of our community.

Our community has access to:

  • 20% off all products as a fixed discount
  • 10% additional savings when subscribing to our essentials on top of your normal 20%
  • 40% off new products pre-launch before they are made available for non-members
  • Free shipping on all orders no matter your order size

…and much more!

Everybody can become a lady or gentleman and help us in our mission of bringing back the gentleman in modern men.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help and invite you into our community!


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